Compensati TORO has been the leader of a research project funded by the PSR 2007-13 of the Piedmont Region – Measure 124.2 “Cooperation for development of new products, processes and technologies in the forest sector”.
The project entitled “Wood-based products for acoustic optimization” (OPTISOUNDWOOD) had as objective the development, testing and implementation on an industrial scale of new panels and veneered-based composites obtained as far as possible from the processing of local timber, able to give solution, in a reliable, high-performance, functionality and decorative way (and with quality and environmental compatibility), to specific purposes or needs in the context of noise optimization.
The project involved also, as a partners in a temporary joint venture, two important scientific institutions (Dept. Agroselviter of the University and DiPRADI of Polytechnic of Turin) and a Public Administration (the Province of Turin), as well as external consultants.
Thanks to the implemented synergies, it has been possible to develop and test various samples or prototypes and to realize some artifacts, with specific technical device for their production and use.
In particular, the following products have been made:

  • Sound Absorbing Framed Plywood
  • Sound Absorbing Wood Composite
  • Cubic Bass Trap with double effect, or with the possibility to choose the frequency in which optimize the sound absorption effect
  • Curved Bass Trap, able to highlight interesting valences also from the aesthetic point of view and the possibility to find use as a piece of furniture with the function of special bin.

Their detailed description is given in the technical data sheet.
These artifacts show a remarkable flexibility of use, ranging from the scholar sector, the public catering area (hotels, bars, motorway), the music field (professional and DIY).