Compensati Toro adopts modern technology for the processing of wood-based panels, based on the following equipment and machinery:
  • poli-combustible boilers for the production of thermal energy recovering the wooden rejection;
  • cells and vats for steaming treatments;
  • ring and milling barkers;
  • peeling lines for bolts up to 800 and 1400 mm of diameters and respectively up to 2700 and 3300 mm of length;
  • special vat for impregnation of rotary cut veneers with flame retardant solution;
  • automatic dryer heated by diathermic oil;
  • splitting and rotary cut veneers gluing joining machine to avoid imperfections in the cores of plywood;
  • splitting and zig-zag/gluing machines for sliced veneers joining;
  • automated glue-mix system;
  • lines for plywood lay-up serving hydraulic presses;
  • automated finishing line equipped by squaring, calibrating and sanding machines;
  • PLC sectioning line;
  • CNC machinery for further working (boring, milling etc.) the final products.

The company can produce up to 80 m3/ day of panels.

Plants and equipment

How our panels are produced