The company has considerable experience in the research, optimization and special production of plywood and wood composites, particularly in designing prototypes of innovative wood-based products and finding technical solutions for improving their properties.

Our staff is strongly engaged in testing and R&D activities, in order to improve quality and reliability of the products. We can also offer several technical services to the customers, such as:
  • ad hoc testing for verifying particular requirements or when a reference standard is not available.
  • technical assistance in terms of products’ performances, information and guidelines for respecting the correct choice and the appropriate use of the wood-based panels being produced.

Why choosing Compensati Toro?

  • Qualified personnel and continuous standards updating for wood-based products;

  • Availability of modern instrumentation and precise metrology;

  • Reliable and replicable procedures adopted;

  • Close connections with many national and international research organizations.