Compensati Toro s.p.a.

The Company

Compensati Toro of Azeglio (Italy) continues from the tradition of wood manufacturing that was begun by one of the first companies in this sector in Italy. Over time, the firm has followed the path of producing panels that are high in quality and diverse in terms of composition, size and thickness. It consistently seeks technically effective and economically efficient solutions aimed at meeting the demands of the market.

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How we work

The attention we devote to our customers begins with the selection of the most suitable timber and raw materials to produce panels that meet their needs. We produce each panel attending to detail, making use of modern technologies and properly trained personnel, respecting values such as sustainability, the high ecological profile of wood materials and regulatory compliance.

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The production follows all current regulations concerning quality; all the panels made by our company meet the requirements of the applicable product standards. Many of the panels we produce have appropriate certifications and/or markings that attest, for instance, the use of timber deriving from responsible forest management or their suitability for specific uses.

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com marino teak con filetti

Plywood and decorative panels

Conventional panels made to satisfy the broadest range of client needs: our way of working with wood, the most environmentally friendly material.

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Technical panels and composites

High performing, improved, optimized and certified veneer-based products: our answer for specific uses with the best ecological profile.

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On the market since 1961

We are not a large-scale manufacturer of commodity plywood; rather, we focus on specialized and customized panels produced with great care and attention to detail.

Application sectors


Historically, the majority of the wood-based panels that we produce are used to make furniture. Specifically, raw plywood and plywood covered with veneers or other decorative materials are widely used to make high value and quality furniture components.


We also produce “marine plywood”, made with wood species, adhesives and adequate stratifications, and with coatings best suited to highlight decorative aspects that are highly valued in the interior design of luxury boats


The panels we make for this sector, which includes the railroad industry, possess technological features that provide an excellent weight-performance ratio and other properties derived from their unique core and composition.


We develop and supply many technical products to the building sector, including “fireproof”, “bendable”, lightweight plywood and panels for external doors and claddings.