Our History

Compensati TORO, S.p.A. represents the evolution of along-standing industrial tradition of wood-based panel manufacturing begun by the firm “Baroni Ernesto” in Turin, Italy in 1889. This places it among the first national firms in this manufacturing sector. In 1961 the company moved to Azeglio under the new name, Compensati Toro. “Compensati” is the Italian word for “plywood”, while “Toro” (the Italian word for “bull”) is the symbol of the city of Turin and was the logo used for marking the panels produced in the factory.
In Azeglio the original production line, including raw and decorative plywood for the furniture industry, has diversified and expanded and many different types of panels have been developed, including technical panels and those needed for industrial use.

Today the company is actively pursuing new products and technological innovations while at the same time maintaining the highest level of quality, with the aim of optimizing the performance/price ratio of its products and services, in a constant search for continuous improvement.

The company is currently one of the official plywood suppliers for the Italian railroad company as well as for other firms that produce train equipment. In addition to the transportation sector, production is geared to furniture, marine and construction applications. The company deals with important retailers at both the local and international level, and more than 80% of its products are exported to the European and international markets.