The instrument available in the internal lab allows us to verify the main chemical-physical properties of the adhesives used.
Of any equipment or element of measurement or test available, the reference is made to sample of stability and precision officially recognized at national or international level. In order to comply with this, periodic calibration and checking operations of the primary samples and measuring instruments are foreseen by a specific certification (Italian Calibration Service).

Main laboratory tests performed by the company on wood-based panels:

Feature Law
Determination of density UNI EN 323
Determination of moisture content UNI EN 322
Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength UNI EN 310
Bonding quality UNI EN 314
Determination of resistance to axial withdrawal of screws UNI EN 320
Determination of embedment strength UNI EN 383
Determination of static hardness UNI ISO 3350