This type of panel represents a specific production of the company, coming from a long experience of supplying it both for furniture and industrial uses.

Wood species and composition

Beech plywood is made from selected logs from French and Italian forests.

The company can also produce this plywood with inner layers in Poplar or with all layers presenting parallel grain (like LVL).

Beech plywood


The sizes shown below are the standard dimensions most commonly produced:

250 x 125/153 cm and 220 x 183 cm

while thickness ranges from 6 to 50 mm.

Panels with thickness of 3, 4 and 5 mm are normally produced with faces on rotary cut or sliced Beech veneers while the inner layer is made of Exotic or Poplar peeled veneers. When a particular appearance quality is required (especially for interior decoration), Beech plywood can be made with sliced veneered faces.

Beech plywood is mostly used for applications requiring high mechanical properties s and resistance to wear and tear (like shelves, floors, walls, tables, stairs etc.). 
Beech LVL is suitable for the use in drawers or where a directional resistance is required. In order to reduce the risk of end splitting, especially in higher thicknesses, some layers can be made with cross grained veneers.