Wood species and composition

This product consists entirely of Okoumé or Ceiba (Fromager) veneers. Other species can be available upon request.

Veneers of Poplar or Coniferous species can be used in some inner layers making a mixed combination (combi). Custom-made panels with all layers presenting parallel grain (non-structural LVL) are also available.

The dimensions shown below are the most commonly produced:

250/310 x 122/153/170/183 cm

while thicknesses ranges from 3 to 50 mm.

Okoumé plywood is mainly used when panels are subjected to a quite intense exposure to atmospheric agents and where fairly good mechanical performance is required.

In contrast, Ceiba plywood offers significant lightweight properties and easy workability. It is oten used for joinery and interior decoration.

The non-homogeneous exotic plywood (combi) is suitable for less heavy duty applications and is lower in price.

The LVL like panels, made with transparent glue lines, look very similar to solid wood and they find interesting application in the field of furniture components.