For plywood, our capacity includes the full spectrum of operations in the production cycle, beginning with the logs of a variety of wood species suitable for rotary cutting that we buy from qualified suppliers. This versatility allows our factory to produce panels in a range of sizes, in order to satisfy any special requirements of the customers.
We also make available a wide stock of veneers that are particularly valuable in allow us to reduce the delivery time of the panels.
Plywood can be sold as it is (in the form of raw panels) or, alternatively, it can be further processed through the overlay of materials (mainly sliced veneers) characterized by desirable aesthetic properties. Alternatively, panels can be surface protected (for example by resin coating) or used in a sandwich construction for making composites.
Other types of wood-based panels (such as blockboard, chipboard and MDF), although not directly produced in the factory, are always in stock ready for the production of decorative products. Upon request these panels can be further processed in order to add holes, milling or profiling, based on drawings provided by the client.
Special attention is devoted to the purchase of certified wood, to the selection of the adhesives most suitable for the final use of the panels, and to a safe working environment and correct processing.
Our skilled workers make frequent quality checks, supported by the use of modern equipment with precision controls.
We always apply great diligence and passion to our work, conscious that a careful and deep understanding of our customers’ requirements and a commitment to ensuring their satisfaction is the best way to build durable relations based on mutual interests and cooperation.

The process steps

  • Log yarding, steaming and debarking
  • Centering, peeling and drying
  • Rotary cut veneers jointing
  • Slice veneers jointing
  • Panels lay-up and hot-pressing
  • Squaring and sanding
  • Quality control, storage and delivering