Wood species and compositions

This plywood, commercially named “Toro/Flexos” consists of a special composition which makes it possible to reach a shaped form with very low bending radius. The faces are made on exotic veneer (Ceiba) while the panel is realized with a gluing suitable for use in dry conditions.
The Okoumé version can also be produced, less bendable but made with bonding quality adequate for humid conditions.

For specific application, where a decorative appearance is also required (for instance to realize a curve connection between wall and roof), the company can offer an ultra-thin bendable plywood (with the thickness of 1,8 mm) made on three layers of sliced veneers.

The company can further produce a special bendable panel composed with a decorative sliced veneer face and a series of parallel cutting in the backside (multi-cut) which can allow it to assume particular (and composed) curved shape.

Main properties

  • Limited density (EN 323): 410 kg/m3;
  • Radius of curvature without showing too deep surface checks: 10 (9-12) times the panel’s thickness.

The dimensions shown below are the most commonly produced:

125 x 250 and 183 x 310 cm (both on long and cross grain)

while thickness ranges from 4 to 16 mm (only 5 mm for the Okoumé version).

The bendable plywood Toro-flexos is particularly suited for construction, covering of columns, arched windows, curve profiles for furnitures and offices etc..