Wood species and composition

This plywood, commercially named “TORO/Aphonos”, consists of Beech veneers, either homogeneous or mixed with other wood species. Moreover, the core of the panel is made of a special material which functions as an acoustic barrier.

Upon request it is possible to realize the product with exterior layers on other wood-based panels like, for instance, Okoumé plywood, chipboard or mdf.

This plywood is generally produced with resin coated surfaces (presenting one side smooth and one antislipping) and a bonding resistant to humid conditions. Panels with surfaces showing two smooth sides or made with flame retarding treated veneers can also be produced.

Sound-insulating plywood

The dimensions shown are the most commonly produced:

250 x 125/153

while thickness ranges from 12 to 15 mm. 

Other sizes and thickness are available on demand.

TORO/Aphonos plywood is particularly suited for construction applications such as ceiling, dividers and light floors or walls. They may also be employed in the transportation industry, including trains floor and components, to reduce noise. This plywood complies with the technical specification S.T. FS 307972 established by the Italian railroad company Trenitalia S.p.A.