Wood species and composition

Fire retardant plywood “TORO/Apiros” is available in a wide range of panels such as Poplar, Ceiba, Okoumé and Beech. The panels are made of veneers homogeneously impregnated in their mass with chlorine-free fireproof solution which, in case of fire, decomposes inhibiting the development and propagation of the flame and determining a self-extinguishing of the treated panel.

Main characteristics

  • limited density (average value for Poplar and Okoume’: 550 kg/m3; for Beech: 800 kg/m3);
  • smooth and homogeneous surfaces;
  • screw and nails firmly hold;
  • very good density/performance ratio;
  • low opacity of smoke emission.

TORO/Apiros plywood combines the good technological properties of the traditional plywood with an excellent fire behaviour.

The treatment of the veneers does not affect the mechanical characteristics of the panels that remain stable in their dimensions even if variation in moisture content occurs. In addition, the chemical treatment improves their resistance against insects and fungus attacks.

The flame retardant plywood “TORO/Apiros” has received since 1987 an initial approval for Class 1 of fire reaction by the Ministry of Interior in relation to D.M. N. 48, 26 June 1984, for installation in “wall” and “floor” position. Subsequently, many types of the above plywood have been adapted to the system of Euroclasses (according to standard EN 13501-1) and are now available with CE marking according to EN 13986 and under the Construction Products Regulation 305/11/CE, for use as non-structural and structural elements in dry and wet environments. 

For the final fire classification and possible applications, please refer to the specific data sheets.

Fire retardant

The dimensions shown are the most commonly produced:

250/310 x 125/153 cm, while thickness ranges from 4 to 50 mm.

TORO/Apiros panels are tested and approved by Government Agencies and certified laboratories. They are particularly suited for construction use in both the private and public sectors, for example as ceiling, or as dividers and light floors in movie theatres, auditoriums, libraries, stands and exhibitions halls, hotels, schools, offices and discotheques. They may also be employed in the transportation industry, wherever law and a higher degree of safety require fireproofing and wherever fire protection is desired. Moreover, Beech fire-retardant plywood presents a very good mechanical resistance.