Since many years, our organization pursues objectives of sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact by seeking reliable partners who are able to assure the supply of raw materials with a high ecological profile. In this context also fits our engagement to meet the requirements of current legislation on the legality of timber and timber products purchased, with the adoption of a Due Diligence System required by the Regulation (EU) N. 995/2010.

The same commitment regards the aim of increasing the use of timber from local source or from controlled wood and the offer of certified products in accordance with the main schemes recognized on the market.
For the customers most sensitive to the problem of the emission of formaldehyde and looking for always more ecofriendly panels, our company has developed a special line of panels glued with a new full natural adhesive which shows adequate performance in terms of bonding quality for use in an indoor environment.
This approach solves from the root the issue of compliance with the emission limits from legislation or standards (E1, Carb 2, F4 star …) provided in international trade, since the adhesive mixture used DO NOT CONTAINS FORMALDEHYDE.
The new adhesive system is however more expensive than the traditionally used and highlights negative effects on the productivity of the process; therefore it is proposed for panels made with certified wood, in order to confer them a further added value, and is intended to the market more observant of ethical aspects and safety, in which the price is not the only decisional criterion for the purchase of a wood-based product.
For this reason, we can now offer FSC certified Okoumé plywood totally formaldehyde-free.