Wood species and composition

These panels are made with faces of decorative sliced veneer and a core layer of the same material and quality inserted in a predetermined depth respect to the thickness of the final panel. The remaining layers are made of rotary cut veneers (usually of exotic wood) mainly with parallel grain (except for two or more thin cross-grained layers necessary to ensure a good flatness of the product). Engraving the panels with a pantograph allows this layer to become visible, giving an appreciated aesthetic effect. The inner layers affected by milling are composed of selected veneers in terms of quality and color (sound, free of cracks or other defects) while any fishtail that compose them is fully joined one to each other with glue.

The panels can be produced with an adhesive suitable for dry use or resistant to moisture variations (for exterior applications).

The panels are available in following sizes :

215 x 95 cm and 250 x 122 cm (or others on request) generally in thicknesses ranging between 10 and 15 mm

The engravable panels are suitable for covering door (even armored), external gates and other furniture components, since the milling operation, performed according to more or less complex drawings, highlights a special decorative effect that discover the inside fancy veneer, allowing the product to gain appearance, dimensional and shape stability better than solid wood.