In addition to the products already described, the company can provide CE marked plywood for structural and non-structural use according to the standard EN 13986 and with the Declaration of Performance (DoP) required by the Construction Products Regulation (UE) n. 305/2011/CE, and various types of composites, consisting of the combination of wood-based panels – used as external slabs having mainly decorative functions – with a central core of other material able to satisfy special requirements.

Among these there are the “thermo-insulating panels”, made with a specific layer (of PVC, polystyrene, etc..) characterized by related properties, several “lightweight composites”, made with a “honeycomb” wooden (empty or filled) or synthetic core (suitable for optimizing the density/performance, and the so called “improved stiffness panels”, made with surfaces or inner layers in plastic laminated or aluminum sheets, etc.. 
These panels are usually manufactured upon specific request of the customer and / or in close cooperation with his team charged for design.