The company produces both traditional and innovative wood-based panels.
All our panels can be made using two different types of glue, one suitable for use in dry (interior) environments, the other for humid (covered or exterior) conditions.They both comply with class E1 of formaldehyde release according to EN 717-2.
The grading of plywood refers to its surface appearance, on the basis of EN 635-1-2. Unless otherwise requested, panels are delivered in the II/III class (B/BB in the former Italian standard UNI 6469).

When not otherwise specified by the customer, all panels are produced with symmetrical and balanced composition, are sanded, and meet dimensional tolerances according to EN 315.

All panels manufactured by the company conform to current European and International standards of the relevant sector of application and often significantly surpass the requirements imposed by these standards. 

The description of each type of panel provides the dimensions that are most commonly available. Other sizes can be produced upon request.

We are able to manufacture “fit to purpose” products which satisfy specific requirements in terms of size, composition, thickness, functionality and performance. 

We can optimize the technical properties and quality level of the requested panels, propose adequate solutions at the right price, respect contractual agreements and guarantee the best possible service to our commercial partners.


ENVIRONMENTAL LABELING OF PACKAGING (click to view/download the info on the codes for recycling and disposal)

Our panels

Conventional panels made to satisfy the broadest range of client needs: our way of working with wood, the most environmentally friendly material.

High performing, improved, optimized and certified veneer-based products: our answer for specific uses with the best ecological profile.